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Cabal is my word for a way of working together. It is an wholistic space for collaboration with each other and the life streams we are part of. The Cabal ethos rests in the subtle arts of relatedness. For over 20 years, this philosophy has guided my approach to art, design and construction, within very diverse project teams, contexts and mediums.

This ‘deep collaboration’ is an art form of communication and interdependency as we sculpt, weave, design and construct processes for restorative built environments. I treat each creative project is an opportunity to explore with others, finding simple practical tools and processes that we can put into action to help realise our ideals for transformation and regeneration in our communities. Cabal

asks, “what is needed here?” “What are the optimum conditions for wholistic


Cabal is a call to the nourishment of love, life and the restoring of beauty.



for potent co-creation

KINSHIP tends the heart of our practical work.

We are working within the whole family of Life. We are connective, focusing
on the quality of our relationships, aligning and unifying people and the
more-than-human worlds, to promote and re-establish the lived experience
of full cooperation with Life. We aim for physical outcomes to reflect the
coherence of the deep reciprocity that built them. Love is everything.

BEAUTY nourishes the soul of our people and places.

We cultivate an aesthetic of wholeness through deep care, naturalness,
joyfulness and precision in all aspects of our practice. We work with
fundamental structures, patterns and natural orders that reside at the core
of ancient earth wisdoms. Life is beautiful and easeful when it is whole. We
are happy when we are whole. Art, design and development is sacred work.

POTENTIAL is the hidden power of our creative process.

Our work is vitalistic, responding to the unique and challenging needs of
this age. We embrace disturbance and difficulty, reconciling and harnessing
difference through engaging with essential physical, emotional, mental and
spiritual dimensions. We are working with human consciousness, nature
power and magic. Deeply practical, poetic and potent. An alchemy of
heaven, earth, human.

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Our Character


The real work is in the weaving of wholeness,
a drawing together of the people and the life of our places
toward a higher goal - a personal, collective and planetary transformation.

We are focused on co-discovering new ways of living and working, which nourish, regenerate and elevate all of us, and all of life.



visionary, generous, potent

Our clients and collaborators are those wanting to do their project differently, to deliver on higher aspirations for ecologically and culturally intelligent art, design, placemaking and development.



safe, on time, on budget, high quality delivery

Creatively driven projects need an organised way to deliver both the practical and the poetic, beyond the limits of traditional project management. Our 'project midwifery' methods are integrative, generating a cyclic process where our beliefs, our purpose, our ideas, their technical delivery, construction or implementation strategies and costs are explored through a dynamic, iterative approach. Integration is proven to be more efficient, building alignment, to minimise risk and maximise creativity and innovation.



complexity, multiplicity, inclusion

We work closely with communities, iwi, companies and organisations, bringing out the best in each other - whole people, and whole places.  Our processes harness the collective intelligence of the human experience, harnessing many different views, and diverse descriptions of the design opportunities, challenges and outcomes.  We design the process and its implementation strategies to weave the commercial, environmental, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions.




reciprocity, a domain for deep collaboration

We honour the idea that true collaboration, within an atmosphere of trust, brings forth a higher human intelligence, a group genius, and can give rise to previously unseen realities in our work to revivify and 'regenerate' people and place.



mythology, culture, memory

We value stories of the past, a sense of connection to where we have come from; stories of the present, offering a continuity and trust that the things we value will continue; and stories which help inspire the direction we are going in for our future. These living heritages are the life-blood of human culture and expression. They carry essential truths that sustain us over time, nourishing our sense of belonging and well-being.



unified, respectful, caring

We see the world as a unified fabric and celebrate the patterns and rhythms of nature. We believe that working with those essential patterns, the rhythms at the heart and soul of people and place, stimulates the evolution of transformative new processes, to drive wholistic change.



inspiring, spontaneous, innovative

Our social and environmental challenges evoke a call for a deeper humanity and a more bold heart. In this way, perhaps the most important dimension of all is play and the ability to lose ourselves to joyful reality.  Our methods are rich with multi-sensory and multi-dimensional exploration, liberating a deeper, open ended discovery journey. Our work together is fun.



authentic, soulful, life affirming

Beauty is one of nature’s most elegant survival strategies.
Deep beauty goes below the surface, so that our work together is a whole, living process.