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Cabal is my word for a way of working together. It is an wholistic space for collaboration with each other and the life streams we are part of. The Cabal ethos rests in the subtle arts of relatedness. For over 20 years, this philosophy has guided my approach to art, design and construction, within very diverse project teams, contexts and mediums.

This ‘deep collaboration’ is an art form of communication and interdependency as we sculpt, weave, design and construct processes for restorative built environments. I treat each creative project is an opportunity to explore with others, finding simple practical tools and processes that we can put into action to help realise our ideals for transformation and regeneration in our communities. Cabal

asks, “what is needed here?” “What are the optimum conditions for wholistic


Cabal is a call to the nourishment of love, life and the restoring of beauty.

Arts projects

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When we think of 'public art' or 'sculpture' we often picture the end results, physically sited in the landscape, and credit the 'artist' for a singular vision. But for Cabal, each arts / design project is the result of a very layered process that has engaged a deep kinship in its realisation. As well as people, the visible and invisible forces of the place have played a crucial role in revealing the subtle relationships, qualities and processes that help generate and sustain the physical form in the landscape.

In featuring these projects here, we acknowledge with deep gratitude, all who have been part of realising them. Ngā mihi aroha ki a koutou katoa.



Our languages of wholeness have never been lost.
They are our universal languages of
presence, story, symbol, celebration, blessing and ritual.