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Cabal is my word for a way of working together. It is an wholistic space for collaboration with each other and the life streams we are part of. The Cabal ethos rests in the subtle arts of relatedness. For over 20 years, this philosophy has guided my approach to art, design and construction, within very diverse project teams, contexts and mediums.

This ‘deep collaboration’ is an art form of communication and interdependency as we sculpt, weave, design and construct processes for restorative built environments. I treat each creative project is an opportunity to explore with others, finding simple practical tools and processes that we can put into action to help realise our ideals for transformation and regeneration in our communities. Cabal

asks, “what is needed here?” “What are the optimum conditions for wholistic


Cabal is a call to the nourishment of love, life and the restoring of beauty.



Regeneration is to be made whole, to be brought back to life. 

A regenerative development approach works with whole living systems frameworks to improve physical, ecological, social, cultural, economic and spiritual health and well-being together, not in isolation.

This is a practice helping us steadily shape our daily disciplines around that which harmonises and nourishes, while we are busy developing our selves, communities, homes, towns and cities.

Regenerative development invites us to consider our full potential as human beings, understanding that we can be in a co-creative role within our place and our community, helping to nourish and be nourished by each other, through all ages and abilities, across all cultures, and within all of Life.

Our role as regenerative resourcers is to help grow capability for individuals, teams, organizations and communities, to realize renewed practices in action. We help people uplift and integrate their existing knowledge and expertise, so that, like nature, the sum of the effect is greater than the parts.


The distinctions within our regenerative practice include:

Whole People. Whole Whānau, Whole Community. Whole Place. We are taking a disciplined approach to generating dynamic and inclusive processes. We begin with the ‘whole’ of a living system, and then work with the ‘parts’ of the whole.

‘Essence to Essence’, ‘mauri to mauri’  
We are working with and nourishing the regenerative life principle, the unique life-force of site-specific people and place. By aligning with the true nature of our place, we are increasing our chance of success and benefit to all.
This is about co-discovering a renewed awareness of the interconnectedness of all Life, as we collectively explore core patterns of geology, biology and humanity, illuminating understandings of the ‘essence’ of place, that holds these timeless stories of transformation and wellbeing. Articulating and aligning with this core ‘identity’, helps generate deeply rooted foundations for place-sourced work. We call this process, “Essential Story”.

Unlimited potential
We are working with ‘difference’ and ‘difficulty’ in a way that allows for the harmonization of complex, diverse issues and debates. We welcome diversity as a potent source of co-creativity. In this way of thinking, what we may have seen as ‘problems’, naturally reconcile, when individuals and groups aim together, towards a quality of life in the future, rather than fragmenting around existing issues that are limited to debates around “either/or” scenarios.

Shared Practice,
Evolving Capacity and Capability

More than merely hosting a series of events and activities, ‘engagement’ processes are spaces for consciously nurturing healthy relationship, trust and communication as vital dimensions of empowered, co-creative communities. We are growing capability and capacity through everything we do together. We are consciously developing ourselves and our collaborations as we work together ‘on the job’.

We are not separate, from each other, or from the land. In this way of thinking, we are not alone. We are part of something greater. There is more support, more resource, more potential. All together, we are taking on the true potential of this transformation.


The process is iterative, cumulative, building on, and moving forward in cycles that hold the pattern of shared purpose, outcomes sought, agreed process and appropriate methodology, including resourcing, capacity etc. These are simultaneously, cycles of continuous improvement, always learning, with increasing clarity about what kind of success we want to measure, and how.

Working Nodally
We are carefully choosing the right place to give time, effort and resource, so that significant changes occur, in alignment with the greater whole.

Growing the Field
We are aligning small groups around the dimensions of community that are energizing to them, helping build a “field” that is compelling. The growing of safety, trust and positive energy attracts others to engage and reciprocate. Cultivating ‘synergy’ is a faster, and much more effective than relying on ‘scaling’ over simplified checklists and easy-to-understand approaches, that often give way when challenged by newly arising circumstances.

Levels of Work
To be effective, our methodologies embrace and activate all levels:
security / stabilising
functioning / operating

Synergy and Systemic Reciprocity
Paying attention to how all things are indirectly effecting other things, and how our activities are creating a benefit for all. Working this way, we are opening to the possibility for ‘magic’ to arise.

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