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Cabal is my word for a way of working together. It is an wholistic space for collaboration with each other and the life streams we are part of. The Cabal ethos rests in the subtle arts of relatedness. For over 20 years, this philosophy has guided my approach to art, design and construction, within very diverse project teams, contexts and mediums.

This ‘deep collaboration’ is an art form of communication and interdependency as we sculpt, weave, design and construct processes for restorative built environments. I treat each creative project is an opportunity to explore with others, finding simple practical tools and processes that we can put into action to help realise our ideals for transformation and regeneration in our communities. Cabal

asks, “what is needed here?” “What are the optimum conditions for wholistic


Cabal is a call to the nourishment of love, life and the restoring of beauty.

te hokinga mai

the bridge of return


"Te Hokinga Mai - the Bridge of Return offers a space of reflection. Daily rhythms of Rangi-nui, sky father, are tracked in the axis of the bridge, and visible in the shadows cast. Patterns of stone echo the story of Albany’s geology. A long time ago, this place was an under-sea river, sculpting a bed of diverse stone. Now, many cultures come, crossing over together. A large spiral is cast into the centre paving, mirroring this confluence of water and people, activating our continual regeneration within Papa-tū-ā-nuku, earth mother. Ordinary. Extraordinary."

(Text from 'Foundation Stone', Albany Lakes Reserve by Caroline Robinson of Cabal and Pita Turei Ngai Tai ki Tamaki)


This footbridge and it's weir, aim to support the natural rejuvenation of the Albany Lakes water system. Providing a space for reflection, people are drawn into engagement with the patterns and rhythms of nature, encouraging our ‘return’ to harmonious, natural relationship. A collaboration of art, engineering, design and construction, Te Hokinga Mai is a prominent feature of the Albany Lakes Reserve, a newly developed civic park in Albany, Auckland.

The bridge spans 57 metres over upper and lower stormwater lakes which cover 3.5 hectares of the 6 hectare reserve, and includes a 4.5 metre high natural stone faced bund. It provides a key pedestrian link north to south through the reserve, connecting the Westfield Retail and Entertainment Centre and the future planned Main Street including shops, entertainment, businesses and residential developments.



(The Albany Lakes Art Bridge) is a grunty as well as an elegant structure, a substantial work that is a fusion of artistic vision and engineering competence... It would be a good idea for future proponents of “art bridges” to visit Caroline Robinson’s bridge and take account of the process and the collaborations, that produced it.”
John Walsh, Editor, Architecture New Zealand 4.2009


opened 2009

Albany Lakes Reserve. Albany, Auckland

Client:  Auckland Council (formerly North Shore City Council)

Project team: Caroline Robinson of Cabal, Beca, Soul Environments, Lightworks Ltd, Proicere, Dr. Arnold Manaaki Wilson, Greg Smith Glass, Springbank General Metalwork, Dempsey and Wood Civil Contractors Ltd, NZ Strong Ltd

60m x 5.5 / 10m

granite, limestone, travertine, Coleman Group conglomerate and greywacke stone, concrete, cast glass, galvinised steel, LED lighting

Photos:  Simon Devitt, Caroline Robinson of Cabal, Julian Robinson